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The Reviews are in and Saint Nick and the Space Nicks is a hit!

Reviews from

Jim, Art Director, Central NJ, A reviewer 
Destined to be a classic!Santa reading

A fantastic story with a wonderful message for children and adults alike. The illustrations are so creative and full of detail... they're simply amazing! These 2 talents have created a true work of art. I can't wait to share this with my family this holiday season!


Roxanna, A reviewer 

The illustrations are wonderfully original and utterly mesmerizing. Children and adults will love this book! The narrative is as clever as the incredible drawings.


Dr. Jim Rokos, A reviewer
Finally a Christmas story for the entire year

What a wonderful take on the Santa story. My twin 4 year olds beg me to read this to them time and time again. Especially during this time when we all seem to be emphasizing our differences and divisions, this story espouses cooperation and unity- even through out the universe! Great concept and excellent art work! Hope see more from these authors.


Mike Kupka, A reviewer 
Kids are going to love this story!

Excellent story and illustrations with great color and alot of excitement! A great story for children and adults around the holidays. Makes you feel like a kid again! If you have children, you should have this book!


Dan, A reviewer
A Wonderful Take on Christmas!

Both of my children (ages 7 and 2) have fallen in love with the story and the fabulous illustrations! It is often difficult to find a story that they can both enjoy, but that's certainly not the case with Saint Nick and the Space Nicks. They laugh 'til they cry every time we read it! This book is a must for any parent looking for a new and unique way to instill the spirit of Christmas in their young children.


A reviewer
A New Classicvenick bow

This book is both heartwarming and hilarious; a fresh take on some familiar themes that we are reminded of during the holidays, but should keep in mind year-round. The illustrations are absolutely eye-popping: you could frame any one of them and hang it on your wall, and it would light up an entire room. In one line, I'd call this a combination of Dr. Seuss, Bloom County and a classic fairy tale. Definitely worth buying for your kids or yourself.


A reviewer
So coool!!!

What a fantastic book! How much cooler does it get to have Saint Nick hanging around with space men! I loved it! A fabulous concept pulled off with incredible ingenuity. You will love every page of this fun-filled journey.


Lynnann Esbrandt, a mother and a childcare provider
A new- age christmas story...

A new-age christmas story for your entire family. This story has a new/old twist on the old saying 'It's better to give then receive' Which comes at a time that couldnt be better. Take the time to read it with your family and all the young children that you love. It is most difinitely on my gift giving list this year.


A reviewer

Funny, warm, poignant and, at times, over-the-top...A great read in this new age of Christmas for young and old...


A reviewer
Truly Unique!

This is a great, imaginative story brought to life through truly exceptional illustrations. Before I even read the story, I found myself thumbing through the book, mesmerized by the illustrations. Children, adults and artists of all ages will love this unique take on Santa's night out! Don't miss this one!


Anthony J. Kaczoroski, A reviewer
Finally a New Refreshing Xmas Story for both young and old

Finally, a New Refreshing Chridren's Chrismas Story that you, your kids, your grandkids, and everyone you know will love. A lot of new Characters and some old ones too... The story is new and in a time when it is especally needed, it reinforces the positive concepts that we all are in need of - Helping others and Making New Friends. You will love this book. Destined to be a classic.


Reviews from

 5.0 out of 5 stars In A Word: Great!, November 26, 2005Goes

By  Sastrugi

This book is both hilarious and touching. A modern fairy tale, something like a combination of Dr. Seuss and Bloom County. The enchanting story pops off the page thanks to the illustrations, which are in a league with (though a different style from) Stephen Gammell and Chris Van Allsburg. Highly recommended.


5.0 out of 5 stars A must read, November 18, 2005

By  Karen Nardo

What a wonderful addition to anyone's library whether you are 7 or 70. An interesting twist on an otherwise incredible tale of childhood dreams and hopes. The illustrations are wonderful and imaginative. I know I will enjoy this book for many years and look forward to sharing it with my family. Enjoy!


5.0 out of 5 stars A fresh, fascinating Christmas tale..., November 7, 2005

By  Louanne Stebor "Book Lover/ Graphic Designer" (Dunellen, NJ)

with an abundance of enchanting illustrations throughout. This inspired book is charming and poignant and truly captures the wonder of Christmas in an imaginative way.


5.0 out of 5 stars Christmas Classic, November 7, 2005
By  Daniel Humphrey "Graphic Artist" (Bridgewater, NJ)   

Saint Nick & the Space Nicks is a wonderful holiday treat for children of all ages. Brilliant illustrations and a wildly imaginative story make this a must for all Christmas-loving kids and adults. Buy this book and read it with your kids, you'll all love it.


5.0 out of 5 stars A FUTURE CLASSIC in children's books!, October 24, 2005
By  Michael T. Lukowiak "Lucky illustrator" (New York, N.Y.)

This is a must have to add to your child's book collection. Amazing illustrations and an equally entertaining could you go wrong. This will hold your interest no matter what age you are. Finally an original story that get is truly a joy to read.


Appearing in the Pressvenick cartwheel

"Saint Nick and the Space Nicks is a light hearted, rhyming Christmas story with terrific color illustrations, appropriate for pre-schoolers. In Mears' active imagination, Christmas is everywhere in space - and each planet has its own Space Nick. This is a goofy story that kids will certainly enjoy, but the illustrations are the best part of the book. The colors are bright and the wide variety of space creatures - versions of Santas and reindeer - are so clever."- The Berkshire Eagle


"St. Nick goes intergalactical... a hypothetical collaboration between Clement Clark Moore, who wrote 'The Night Before Christmas', and the incomparable Dr. Suess."- Berkshire Record