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Saint Nick and the Space Nicks Animation

Bill was fortunate to have two very talented people collaborate with while turning Space Nicks into an animation.

The first was Robert Krulwich. A radio and television journalist that has worked with ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR and Pacifica. He now co-hosts WNYC's Radiolab. TV Guide called him "the most inventive network reporter in television." Robert narrates Space Nicks bringing Richard Chase Mears story to life and gives it a special quality that only he could.

The second is John Cain. John is another very talented composer and musician from New Jersey. Bill asked John to write and record two original songs for the animation, plus a full score. John Cain hit a homerun with the results. 'Tell me which way to go' is a wonderful traveling song that opens the story. His second contribution is titled 'Peace'. A poignant song that evokes the feeling of someone who thinks he's alone, Venick of course, until Santa saves the day! Enjoy!

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks has appeared on ABC-TV's World News Now every Christmas eve since 2005.